Fashion Fix Sunset Sightings April 2019 Paparazzi

Sunset Sightings (April 2019)

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Each piece in this month's pioneering look can hold its own, but there is no ignorig the boisterous movement of the necklace, Empress Excursion. We love how the tapered fringe effortlessly adds movement to the look by catching and reflecting the light with every swish and sway.

Though the necklace's bold pendant will demand people take a second look, don't underestimate the pwerful simplicity of the ring, Rural Radius. It's exaggerated frame and hammered sunburst design has a distinctly artisan feel, and the metallic sheen is stunning.

Unexpected texture combinations are what make this set work. We love how the thickness of the bracelet, Desert Peaks, makes it look like a bangle with the versatility of a cuff. 

The unique design of the earrings, Arizona Adobe, makes them perfect conversation starters! Show your customers how their one-of-a-kind wire frames add a handcrafted and authentic vibe to the overall look.