Fashion Fix Fiercely 5th Avenue April 2019 Paparazzi

Fiercely 5th Avenue (April 2019)

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Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! All that shimmer is purely metallic, without a rhinestone to be found on any of the pieces of this Trend Blend. This concept is exaggerated in the oversized hoop earring, Sleek Fleek, which proves you can turn heads even with minimalist designs.

The bracelet, Endlessly Empress, is bound to become a staple piece! Featuring alternating smooth and textured silver Surfaces, the versatile cuff bracelet creates the illusion of stacked bangles without the hassle of trying to mix and match.

Hypnotic circular patterns and a range of funky texturesare what make this set a cohesive masterpiece. The dizzying display of hoops on the necklace, Circa de Couture, works as the focal point for this set; drawing the eye in to observe the radiant accents that compliment it.

The ring, Circle 'Round Me, unexpectedly highlights the mixed metallic patterns with its simple interlocking circular frames. This brings the concept of the set all the way through to the very last detail, which is just what your perfectly polished Fiercely 5th Avenue self, live for!